Food Appreciation

Lifeview is committed to providing a nutritious, relaxed, resident driven dining experience.

Our chefs create tasty, freshly prepared meals each day on-site and cater for special dietary requirements and personal preferences.

Our industry leading Food Appreciation Program gives independence and choice back to residents.

Lifeview’s residents own the menu process – they meet quarterly with the hospitality team to discuss dishes and recipes for the next round of menus, likes and dislikes from the most recent menu, themed menus for special occasions and meal presentation.

Residents also work with our chefs to have their favourite recipes added to the menu, and for those who like to be more hands on there are cooking groups offering the opportunity to be involved in the preparation of special meals such as sausage rolls for morning tea or cup cakes for afternoon tea.

The recent introduction of Parma and Pot lunches, a resident driven initiative, has seen broad smiles across all homes and the installation of deep-fryers in our kitchens now ensures our fish and chips are the real thing.

Residents also have a say in what time they have their meals - our continental breakfast buffet, gives late or early risers the ability to continue with their schedule as they did when living at home.

Special occasions such as French cuisine on Bastille Day, American style hot dogs and hamburgers on Independence Day, a selection of differing ales on International Beer Day, and pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to variety and spontaneity in our menus.

Our View: Lifeview is trusted, respected, consumer focused, inclusive and innovative