Virtual Forest

Every Lifeview home features The Virtual Forest.

Lifeview is very proud of the fact that it teamed with Alzheimer’s Australia Vic to trial and pilot this innovative memory support program, which uses leading edge digital simulation and interactive technology to immerse residents living with dementia in a soothing sensory therapeutic environment.

Throughout the trial staff observed residents immersed in The Virtual Forest showed reduced agitation, along with extended periods of calm and coherence. They became more communicative about their experience of the forest and the memories it evoked, which in turn enabled staff to better understand their personal history, to engage with them on a more personal level, and to design individual programs and activities to improve their quality of life.  Lifeview has also found use of The Virtual Forest has assisted in the reduction of the administration of anti-psychotropic drugs - something we are passionate about achieving.

The Virtual Forest was officially launched in December 2016 and is used in all Lifeview homes as part of our Memory Support Programs.

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