Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Lifeview staff also take great pride in delighting residents with personalised attention and lifestyle programming

Lifeview staff also take great pride in delighting residents with personalised attention and lifestyle programming

In line with our person-centred model of care, Lifeview tailors its lifestyle program to each resident’s needs, working to maintain and extend their capacity for social interaction, and independence, through lifestyle programs.

Our staff also take great pride in delighting residents with personalised attention and lifestyle programming through our innovative Magic Moments and 5 Ways You Can Make My Day initiatives, putting into practice our L.I.F.E. Principles and the Eden Principles of loving companionship, variety and spontaneity to combat loneliness, helplessness and boredom.

Lifeview regularly consults residents and their families to identify their interests and preferences for activities.

We take a holistic approach in promoting healthy and active ageing to maximize quality of life.

5 Ways to Make My Day

In life it's the little things that count, and our 5 Ways to Make My Day initiative recognises this.

Lifeview’s 5 Ways to Make My Day initiative is about making each residents day, in a simple way, that is special and unique to them.

Each resident lists five personal attentions, guaranteed to give them a lift.

This enables staff and volunteers to respond to each resident’s personal priorities and preferences in the course of day-to-day service.

For example, by serving their tea in a favourite cup, cracking a joke, taking them for a walk in the garden or arranging flowers in their room.

Lifeview also celebrates each resident’s birthday with a cake and other goodies specific to their personal preferences.

Eden Philosophy

Lifeview's holistic, person-centred approach aligns with the Eden Alternative philosophy of life as an ongoing process of growth for every individual, founded on the seven domains of wellbeing:

In line with the Eden Principles, Lifeview promotes alternatives to clinical reliance on medication to manage the symptoms of dementia and other challenging behaviours.

Lifeview believes the quality of the residential environment is critical to the health and wellbeing of residents. Our homes are decorated and furnished to maintain a comfortable home-like environment, promoting the life-affirming perspective of receiving clinical care in one’s home, rather than living in a clinical care facility.


Recognising each resident's personhood, an individual with a history


Supporting each resident to continue to evolve through enrichment and stimulation


Respecting each resident's freedom, choice and self-determination


Protecting each resident's right to safety, privacy, dignity, respect and freedom from doubt, anxiety or fear


Enabling residents to belong, engage, be involved and connected to time, people, place and nature


Imbuing life with value, purpose and hope


Promoting each resident's happiness, contentment, enjoyment and delight


Lifeview takes a holistic approach in promoting healthy and active ageing to maximise quality of life.

We engage residents, their families and our staff to help implement individualised wellbeing plans for the best possible results.

Each resident is assessed by Lifeview's physiotherapist, in order to identify areas and/or causes of pain, improve their general wellbeing, educate them on managing their condition, and provide a ‘hands-on’ individually tailored solution to ensure the best outcome.

We also work together to minimise the rate of resident falls, raise awareness of this issue and work towards prevention through exercise programs and overall education.

HealthCare Australia provides residents with onsite podiatry services.

Unfortunately, the Government does not fund physiotherapy for respite residents.

Horizon Happenings

Live life to the fullest!

Through our Horizon Happenings social program, we help residents get the most out of life, learn new skills and build friendships.

For many, it’s a time to enjoy family, friends and hobbies. Our lifestyle program offers something for everybody regardless of age or interests.

Our energetic social support team organises a busy schedule of daily activities, seven days a week, at each of our homes. Residents enjoy activities such as golf, bowls, billiards, darts, bocce, ten pin bowling, bingo, card games, painting, Tai Chi, yoga, cooking, knitting, quizzes, craft, weekly punters’ club, walking group, music, bus trip outings and much more.

Keeping up community connections and discovering new possibilities is central to our approach.

The Social Support team also plans special events, such as animal farm visits, theme days, restaurant outings, the Lifeview World Cruise, and live entertainment in the homes.

We also mark special days such as Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Anzac Day, IDAHOBIT, Australia Day, the Melbourne Cup, footy grand finals and more.

All our celebrations are extra memorable! Any chance to socialise and keep active, we live it! It’s all about our view and being an example of excellence in innovation and inclusive care by providing exceptional service while creating treasured memories.