Eden Philosophy

Lifeview’s holistic, person-centred approach aligns with the Eden Alternative philosophy of life as an ongoing process of growth for every individual, founded on the seven domains of wellbeing:

  1. Identity (recognising each resident’s personhood, an individual with a history);
  2. Growth (supporting each resident to continue to evolve through enrichment and stimulation);
  3. Autonomy (respecting each resident’s freedom, choice and self-determination);
  4. Security (protecting each resident’s right to safety, privacy, dignity, respect and freedom from doubt, anxiety or fear);
  5. Connectedness (enabling residents to belong, engage, be involved and connected to time, people, place and nature);
  6. Meaning (imbuing life with value, purpose and hope); and
  7. Joy (promoting each resident’s happiness, contentment, enjoyment and delight).

In line with the Eden Principles, Lifeview promotes alternatives to clinical reliance on medication to manage the symptoms of dementia and other challenging behaviours.

Lifeview believes the quality of the residential environment is critical to the health and wellbeing of residents. Our homes are decorated and furnished to maintain a comfortable home-like environment, promoting the life-affirming perspective of receiving clinical care in one’s home, rather than living in a clinical care facility.

Our View: Lifeview is trusted, respected, consumer focused, inclusive and innovative