Positive Ageing Celebrations (PAC)

Positive Ageing Celebrations (PAC)

October 9, 2024

Residents rock at annual Lifeview Positive Ageing Celebration
Residents rock at annual Lifeview Positive Ageing Celebration

Each year, Lifeview is proud to host it’s unique and award winning Positive Ageing Celebration (PAC). It is the highlight event for residents and staff on the Horizon Happenings calendar. Throughout this special event, Lifeview residents live the possibilities by demonstrating their skills, talents and really showing us what they can do!

A local venue is sourced to host the event and months out residents actively start planning, practicing and rehearsing. There is plenty of fun and laughter both during, and before the event as anticipation builds, and residents prepare for the big day.

Our annual PAC event coincides with the Victorian Seniors Festival. It's a time to come together, to recognise and show appreciation to our elders for the achievements they’ve made in their lives, and their contribution to their family and the wider community.

In April 2016 this event was recognised as the best active ageing program in Asia with the awarding of the 2016 Ageing Asia Innovation Award for Best Active Ageing Program.

The PAC Event is a grand opportunity to demonstrate Lifeview’s core L.I.F.E Principles: Laugh, Integrity, Focus and Engage as we thoroughly enjoy making the residents day, whilst they live their possibilities in positive ageing.

In 2015 residents participated in Cirque de la Vie, a day at the circus. There were clowns, juggling acts, acrobats and more. Costumes were amazing and everyone looked the part.  You can view video of this event here.

The 2014 event, Lifeview PAC Masters, was based around a Commonwealth Games theme, with each home competing under the flag of a Commonwealth country. Following a magnificent opening ceremony, residents competed in "sports" such as gymnastics, synchronised swimming, volleyball, archery and triathlon. View video here.

The 2013 PAC event was themed A Fair to Remember, comprising a variety of traditional fair games and competitions for residents to be part of. From the egg and spoon race, to a scone bake-off, residents from all Lifeview homes were given the opportunity to showcase their flair for cooking, juggling, arts and craft, and even herding farm animals. View video here.

Previous to this in 2012 we staged Lifeview's Got Talent, a show stopper with residents shining on stage in four main acts; dancing, singing, comedy and the grand finale. You can see more by clicking here.

"Lifeview’s Got Talent was such a great day to be part of. I love cracking jokes and it was such a thrill to get up on stage and perform for so many people!” ~ Harold Talty, The Willows resident

"I love it and who would have thought at my age I would have the chance to do something like this again”  ~ 98 years young resident, Argyle Court

"I'm having more fun now than when I was young" ~ resident, Willow Wood