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High performers celebrated at Lifeview Staff Awards Night

8 January 2024
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Lifeview Emerald Glades staff celebrate winning a fourth straight Home of the Year Award.
Lifeview Emerald Glades staff celebrate winning a fourth straight Home of the Year Award.

Lifeview honoured its highest performing staff members of 2023 at the annual Lifeview Staff Awards Night gala event in December.

A huge number of nominations were received, with staff nominating colleagues, and residents and family nominating those they have witnessed consistently going above and beyond.

“Having such strong nominees made judging extremely competitive and difficult, but it also ensured the finalists and winners richly deserved their recognition,” Lifeview CEO Samantha Jewell said.

“Congratulations to all the winners and finalists for a wonderful year at Lifeview.”  

Lifeview Emerald Glades secured an unprecedented fourth successive Home of the Year title, Emerald Glades Residential Manager Dmitriy Butrev accepting the award surrounded by his dedicated team.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you, my team, for the work you do every single day. This is the best team I have ever worked with in my entire aged care career,” he said.

“It is a special honour for this team to win this award again.”

The Home of the Year award considers several factors including but not limited to, resident satisfaction, clinical performance, lifestyle and hospitality programs, rostering, staff turnover, working with families and community engagement.

Six Outstanding Employee Awards were presented, one for each Lifeview residence, the Carnegie office, and an overall winner.

Susan Webb, a Housemate at Lifeview Willow Wood, won the Overall Outstanding Employee Award.

“Lifeview is an amazing company and an amazing place to work,” she said. 

“It’s like a family… I feel that every single one of the residents is like my family. A good day for me is if I can make someone smile and make their day a little bit brighter, then I feel I’ve done a good job.”

Other Outstanding Employee winners were Angela Rowbottom (Housemate at Lifeview Argyle Court), Marc Zywaczewski (Social Support Coordinator at Lifeview Emerald Glades), Milan Shah (Head Chef at Lifeview The Willows), and Narelle Wood (Quality Manager at Lifeview Carnegie).

L.I.F.E Awards celebrate those staff that best exemplify Lifeview’s L.I.F.E Principles of Laughter, Integrity, Focus and Engage.

Tia “Happy” Gledhill, a Housemate at Argyle Court, won the Laughter Award, John Fato, Emerald Glades Housemate, took out the Integrity Award, Narelle Wood, Quality Manager at Carnegie, won the Focus Award, and Robbie Trevitt, Maintenance Officer, captured the Engage Award.

The Lifeview Pride and Diversity Award celebrates staff members that actively advocate for and promote LGBTIQ+ inclusion within the organisation for residents, staff and families.

Social Support and Events Manager Annitta Macauley was a thoroughly deserving winner for her ongoing efforts to champion inclusion, respect and equality at Lifeview.

A new award in 2023 was the Rising Star Award, celebrating those that have been with Lifeview for less than two years and who have demonstrated an aptitude and desire to develop their aged care career with forward-thinking efforts.

The inaugural winner was Michael Cheng, Occupational Therapist at Argyle Court, who has made a flying start to his time at Lifeview.

2023 Lifeview Staff Award winners and finalists

Laughter Award: Winner – Tia Gledhill (Housemate, Argyle Court). Finalists – Michael Cheng (Occupational Therapist, Argyle Court), Carmina Cayangyany (Housemate, Willow Wood), Annitta Macauley (Social Support & Events Manager, Carnegie), Anne Fallia (Clinical Compliance Manager, Carnegie).

Integrity Award: Winner – John Fato (Housemate, Emerald Glades). Finalists – Felicity McGuire (Food Services Assistant, Argyle Court), Nikki Kaur (Residential Manager, The Willows), Lisa Christopher (Education Manager, Carnegie), Nimalka Jayasinghe (Housekeeper/Food Services Assistant, Willow Wood), Leisha Prouse (Housekeeper/Laundry Assistant, The Willows).

Focus Award: Winner – Narelle Wood (Quality Manager, Carnegie). Finalists – Kahlia Trott (Resident Wellness Coordinator, The Willows), Susmita Thapa (Residential Manager, Argyle Court), Jodie Brown (Quality Coordinator, Carnegie), Angela Rowbottom (Housemate, Argyle Court), Tulip Staff (Willow Wood).

Engage Award: Winner – Robbie Trevitt (Maintenance Officer, Carnegie). Finalists – Linda Lawrance (Administration, Emerald Glades), Annitta Macauley (Social Support & Events Manager, Carnegie), Marc Zywaczewski (Social Support Coordinator, Emerald Glades), Susan Webb (Housemate, Willow Wood), Dilhani Medagoda (Housemate, The Willows).

Pride & Diversity Award: Winner – Annitta Macauley (Social Support & Events Manager, Carnegie). Finalists – Lisa Christopher (Education Manager, Carnegie), Natalie Church (Housemate, Willow Wood).

Rising Star Award: Winner – Michael Cheng (Occupational Therapist, Argyle Court). Finalists – Nikki Kaur (Residential Manager, The Willows), Shannon Holtfreter (Executive Assistant to the CEO, Carnegie), Kay Kaur (Clinical Care Manager, Willow Wood).

Outstanding Employee of the Year Award – Argyle Court: Winner – Angela Rowbottom (Housemate). Finalists – Tanya Bergin (Enrolled Nurse), Suzanne McKee (Enrolled Nurse).

Outstanding Employee of the Year Award – Emerald Glades: Winner – Marc Zywaczewski (Social Support Coordinator). Finalists – John Fato (Housemate), Izabela Stosegan (Resident Wellness Manager).

Outstanding Employee of the Year Award – The Willows: Winner – Milan Shah (Head Chef). Finalists – Kahlia Trott (Resident Wellness Manager), Dilhani Medagoda (Housemate).

Outstanding Employee of the Year Award – Willow Wood: Winner – Susan Webb (Housemate). Finalists – Kay Kaur (Clinical Care Manager), Natalie Church (Housemate).

Outstanding Employee of the Year Award – Carnegie: Winner – Narelle Wood (Quality Manager). Finalists – Annitta Macauley (Social Support & Events Manager), Lisa Christopher (Education Manager).

Outstanding Employee of the Year – Overall: Susan Webb (Housemate, Willow Wood).

Home of the Year: Lifeview Emerald Glades.

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