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Willows staff help Ted and Win cheers to 70 years

22 November 2023
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Willows staff help Ted and Win cheers to 70 years
Willows staff help Ted and Win cheers to 70 years

Seventy years after saying “I do”, Ted and Win Russell are still very much in love.

Last week they celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary, with a special two-course dinner and bottle of champagne organised by The Willows’ Social Support Coordinator Bernadette.

The resident couple enjoyed their own private dining space, champagne and Win’s favourite singer, Michael Crawford.

“It was a lovely surprise. They (Lifeview staff) made such a fuss over us. It was very kind of them to do all this for us,” Win said.

“Celebrating our 70th wedding anniversary is something very special and helps us remember the wonderful life we have had together.”

That life together started in Croydon where they built their first home.

They eventually moved into a cottage at Tintern Girls College in Ringwood, where Ted was groundskeeper and maintenance man, and Win ran the school uniform shop.

“The school built the cottage that we lived in, so we didn’t have to travel far to work,” Win said.

After 28 years in that cottage Ted retired, and the couple travelled the world together.

Their next chapter was settling into a 20-acre property in Silvan.

There Ted and Win were extremely self-sufficient. They spent their days in the garden growing plants, fruit and vegetables, which they would sell in a local shop.

They also had chickens for fresh eggs, Angora goats, cows and other animals.

Ted was always full of admiration for his wife’s “seamstress” skills, making him clothing, while Ted was a handyman, crafting furniture and other items.

After selling the farm, Ted and Win downsized to a smaller property in The Patch, where they continued their gardening passions, supplying homegrown fruit and vegetables for local shops.

“We lived right in the middle of the township, surrounded by shops and a wonderful small community where everyone looked after each other,” Ted said.

The couple felt the local love most when Win became unwell with COVID-19.

“A lot of the shops would make sure I had a meal and make soups and toasted sandwiches for Win and me,” Ted said.

Win recalls fondly Ted’s dedication to nursing her back to health.

“He looked after me … and he did a great job,” she said.

Ted, however, says his wife is “the stronger one”.

“She’s always looked after me when I was sick and been the stronger one, especially through our toughest times,” he says.

Growing up together, Ted and Win would attend social events such as movies and dances, and they would have picnics together, enjoying the great outdoors.

Ted tells of first driving to Win’s house, where he was greeted by her three brothers.

He cautiously entered the home and was met by Win’s parents. It went well. “From that moment I knew Win was the one,” he said, “and we’ve been together ever since”.

“We always had a great time together,” Win says. 

“We never had children and we have had our ups and downs, as all couples do, but we have always had each other.”

Recently the inseparable couple has moved into The Willows, where they still enjoy their days together relaxing in the garden, reflecting on their wonderful lives to date.

Willows staff help Ted and Win cheers to 70 years
Willows staff help Ted and Win cheers to 70 years

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