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Aged Care Residents Looking to Break Guinness World Record

Published: 23/06/2017

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Author: Lifeview Residential Care

Residents of Lifeview Argyle Court are attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest pom-pom garland or line of pom-poms.

The Chelsea aged care home is flurry of wool and pom-pom making activity as residents attempt to make 7,777 pom-poms, a number they believe will break the record.

The current Guinness World Record for the longest garland or line of pom-poms is held by the Australian Country Spinners in the Victorian country town of Wangaratta.  The record was achieved in August 2013 when they laid out 6,977 woollen hand-made pom-poms, which stretched 178.6m or 585.9ft.

“We chose this activity and record to break because pom-pom making is something that all residents can participate in, whilst working towards a common goal. We also wanted a group project that involved residents, staff, families and friends”, Argyle Court Residential Manager Katy Cavanagh said.

“The number 7,777 was chosen as a target for a range of reasons including the view that seven is a lucky number, and residents believe they will need to make pom-poms seven days a week to reach their goal,” she added.

Eager residents have already completed close to 2,000 pom-poms but they still have a way to go.

The World Record attempt will take place on Friday 13 October and coincide with the home’s participation in the Longbeach Urban Yarn Trail – where local community organisations decorate their gardens and buildings in a storybook theme using only yarn.

In the meantime the home is looking for anyone who is crafty to assist with making and donating pom-poms to the cause or donating balls of wool.

Argyle Court is also holding Crafternoon Sessions starting this Sunday where crafty locals are invited to work with the residents on a number of art and craft projects, including pom-pom making, whilst enjoying a cuppa and a chat.

If you would like to find out more about how you can be involved please contact Argyle Court directly on 8773 2300.

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