The Australian Government pays for the bulk of aged care but as with all aged care services, it's expected you will contribute to the cost of your care, if you can afford to do so.

All fees are set and regulated by the Federal Government, so you will find that your daily care fee is the same no matter where you choose to live, and no matter your financial position.

The Daily Care Fee is payable by all residents – permanent and respite. In March and September each year the Federal Government adjusts the Daily Care Fee.

In addition to the Daily Care Fee, depending on your financial circumstances, you may be required to pay a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) or a combination of both. These charges are based on your income and assets, and your requirement to pay will be determined by Centrelink.

If Centrelink determines you can pay a RAD or DAP then you will need to discuss this with individual providers of aged care, as each has their own pricing structure. Your Centrelink Income and Assets Statement does not determine the amount of RAD or DAP you may need to pay, only your requirement to pay one.

On top of a RAD or DAP, Centrelink may also determine that you are required to pay an Means Tested Care Fee. This will be outlined in your Income and Asset Statement and is collected on the government’s behalf by each provider.

All Lifeview residents pay an Additional Services fee.  Lifeview’s costs can be found in the Fees and Charges section on each home’s page.

Lifeview is home to a range of residents from varying financial backgrounds.

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