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Lifeview Supports ‘Parma for a Farmer’ Campaign

Published: 08/08/2018

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Residents at Lifeview have requested to take part in the nationwide campaign, ‘Parma for a Farmer’, to help raise money for Australian farmers and drought-stricken communities. Pubs and clubs are currently fundraising by donating a dollar from each parma sold to ‘Buy A Bale’.

On Friday 10thAugust 2018, each of the four Lifeview homes and the corporate office will be joining the Parma for a Farmer initiative. Chefs at Lifeview will be holding a chicken parmigiana lunch throughout the homes, and staff and residents will be donating funds. 

Their support will help Farmers across New South Wales and Queensland, who are currently fighting to keep their livelihoods from ruin, in what, some are calling the worst drought in history, with prices for transport and stock feed soaring out of control.

“The residents on hearing of this initiative, came to us and stated that they too wanted to be involved and help in any way they can,” says Lifeview CEO Madeline Gall.

“Residents and staff at Lifeview can relate and have some connection to this natural disaster.

“Many of the residents and staff have grown up in the country and have been farmers themselves, so we just want to help in any way we can,” added Gall.

All donations raised by Lifeview will go to the Buy a Bale Charity.

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