Relatives Gateway

Through our innovative resident electronic care planning and reporting program, Person Centred Software, Lifeview offers access to authorised persons to a Relatives Gateway, giving you the opportunity to be further across your loved ones care.

The Relatives Gateway enables both residents and their chosen families to stay informed about their care.

Giving you access from anywhere, at anytime, to your loved ones information, the Relatives Gateway keeps you informed, involved and actively engaged in their care, and support, without having to be there.

If you are new to Lifeview and yet to start this process, you or your loved one will need to complete the Relatives Gateway Consent Form and send it back to Administration at your home. 

Following submission of this consent form, access to the gateway will be set up and you will receive, via email, your Username and Password.

You can also access the Relatives Gateway here.

We know placing a loved one into care is not an easy decision and hope this gateway gives you further peace of mind that their needs are being met, and you have access to relevant information as you need it.

It is important to note: It is the choice of each resident as to whether they access this portal themselves or give permission for their chosen family to access the gateway, along with the type of information they would like available. Residents are under no obligation to approve access if they are not comfortable with it.

Authorised persons include: the resident, chosen family approved by the resident or those with appropriate Powers of Attorney for someone who medically can no longer make reasonable decisions for themselves. 

If you want to know more about the gateway and its uses please contact us on (03) 9572 9600.

Download the Relatives Gateway Consent Form Here

Download the Relatives Gateway User Guide Here


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