Many aged care providers claim they are innovative but what are they actually doing to back up this statement?  At Lifeview we not only proudly say we are innovative but back this up with collaborations, developments and investments in new technologies.   

We know and understand innovation and new technology will be key to providing the best quality of life possible for older people and a sustainable aged-care system into the future.

As an organisation we have a reputation for doing things differently, for challenging the normal and for putting residents first.  Our Advisory Board and Executive are strong supporters of research activities, partnerships with innovators and real life testing of new technologies.

We are fortunate to have long standing relationships and collaborative partnerships with research and support institutions such as Dementia Australia, NARI and LASA, to develop cutting-edge, integrated solutions to support aged care innovation.

Our homes, staff and residents participate in pilot programs and projects to ensure innovations and technology have the desired outcomes for all. By testing innovations with real people who stand to benefit directly from new technology, we know that we are creating a future aged-care sector that has been co-designed and developed by those with the most to gain – residents and staff.

As important as technology is, it will never replace the importance of the human touch of caring. But what it can do is improve and augment the care we provide.

A key part of our Strategic Plan is to disrupt through innovation. Lifeview’s agility enables us to adopt and implement new concepts. Through continued research and investment in leading edge technologies, we achieve efficiencies and enhance opportunities and experiences.

Some of the key projects we have been integral in:

  • Working with Dementia Australia to fund and test the development of, The Virtual Forrest and the A Better Visit app
  • Developing, trialling and rolling-out our very own award winning relationship-based model of care Home2Home (H2H)
  • Working with Dementia Australia and Deakin University to test the effectiveness of the training Avatar
  • Partnering with PainChek to pilot the PainChek app and test is effectiveness in an aged care setting
  • Investing in the Simavita’s Smart Incontinence Management (SIM™) technology
  • Partnering with Echocare Technologies to bring to Australia and New Zealand the ECHO AI Monitoring system
  • Working with Person Centred Software to integrate other applications such as BestMed
  • Partnering with Gunn & McConville Pharmacy to trial and then implement Pharmacy in the Home

Lifeview’s Innovation & Development portfolio is lead by Dmitry Shibanov, who is open to exploring new technologies from across the globe and working with established and start-up technology companies.  If you have something new and innovative, that will benefit the aged care sector, Dmitry is open to hearing your pitch.  Get in touch via


Our View: Lifeview is trusted, respected, consumer focused, inclusive and innovative